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    Question Favourite baby name games?

    I'm interested to know what your favourite type(s) of name games is/are!
    I see a lot of generation name games on here, but for some reason I really don't like them :/ not sure why..

    I mainly like namebank and initial games that only contain one family. I'll play the chance/dice games with links to name lists once in a while, but if they get too long or too detailed, I don't bother. I guess I prefer straight to the point games where you just name the people.

    What are you favourite kind of name games?? Do you like the ones that have backstories and personality details? I'm curious to know!

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    I also like name games that are straight to the point, the ones with backgrounds tend to be a little too long for me as well as the ones with the huge names banks, i dont know, just not my favorites. I do like generation CAF games but even then sometimes those can get to be long. More recently Ive been seeing posts with short name banks and i like those ones alot, another one I enjoy is the "If you had 8 daughters" or the "10 sons" ones. Those are fun!

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    I like the name games based off of a dice roll or whatever your favorite of something is. I also like ones that have short namebanks for each person; I don't like having to use a giant namebank on the bottom.
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    I like ones that can be done quickly, and with lots of options. Dice ones are out of the question. I don't have the time to grab or die or keep changing tabs.

    I do think generation games are hard, mainly because I have trouble thinking of age-appropriate names that I actually like. It's hard to pick names that can't cross my mind. For example, I would Probably end up making a grandpa Jaxon or a newborn Millicent

    Initial and picture games I would say are my favorite.
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    I like chain games, like Love Like Lose, Middle Name For a First Name, Pick 5, etc.
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