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    A boy name to match...

    Hi everyone! My husband & I are pregnant with #2...our first son is named Leo Everett. We've got our girl name picked already, but are having a lot of trouble finding a boy name that we both love! I'm particularly fond of the 'o' endings such as Arlo, Milo, Hugo etc. I'm in LOVE with Viggo (prn Vee-go) but my husband isn't convinced. Any suggestions?? We want something different, we'd prefer a name that the child probably won't share with anyone in his class at school. It doesn't necessarily HAVE to end in o. Any suggestions?? Thanks!!!

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    check this out for other names that end in "o"
    Girls: Anya, Leia, Maeve, Adelaide, Lelia, Belle, Daphne, Vada, Evangeline, Anneliese, Leda, Livia, Carys, Liana, Cleo, Piper, Elena, Mercedes
    Boys: Flynn, Isaac, Ronan, James, Alaric, Jude, Damian, Emmett, Gabriel, Henry, Lucas/Lucian, Arthur, Ian, Wyatt, Leo

    Vote here:

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    I love Hugo and Viggo!

    Leo and Benno
    Leo and Cato
    Leo and Cosmo
    Leo and Enzo
    Leo and Inigo
    Leo and Otto
    Leo and Remo
    Leo and Zeno

    Leo and Axel
    Leo and Blaise
    Leo and Conrad
    Leo and Chase
    Leo and Everett
    Leo and Euan
    Leo and Felix
    Leo and Gideon
    Leo and Max
    Leo and Miles
    Leo and Noel
    Leo and Oscar
    Leo and Quinn
    Leo and Ronan
    Leo and Soren
    Leo and Shane
    Leo and Toby
    Leo and Vincent
    Leo and William
    Leo and Zephyr
    Arabella, Thibault, Sophia, Alfred, Eleanor, Rémi, Charlotte, Achille, Olivia, Clement, Elizabeth, Frederick, Maud, Benedict, Adèle.

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