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    Help with names for friend's 4th baby - sibling to Jack, Brady and Colin

    Hi there,

    I am writing on behalf of a friend pregnant with her 4th child - gender unknown. Many berries were helpful to me when I was brainstorming names for our DD so I thought I would reach out to the community. She has 3 DSs - Jack, Brady and Colin, and she does not know the gender of her 4th and is not finding out.

    Here are some boy names she and I have tossed around:

    I have encouraged her to use a girly name if she has a daughter but she tends to like more gender neautral names for girls or surname names - I have recommended the following and/or we've discussed the following:

    Please let me know what you think and offer any suggestions? Thanks so much!

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    Of your list Morgan and Owen are my favorite..
    Boys- Carson, Clark
    Girls- Dylan, Devan

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    I think Liam fits the best out of the boys and I like Morgan or Teagan for a girl. The Riley/Kylie/Mylie/Kaylie names are sooooooo over done. What about Ember for a girl? It's feminine, but has that unisex feel to it.
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    From just reading the title, the first boys name I thought of was Owen! I think that goes best with the other names. Liam also goes really well. Maybe William nn Liam?

    For girls names, I think Teagan would go best with Jack, Brady, and Colin. Morgan fits too, but Teagan is different, and much less popular than Morgan.

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    I like: Jack, Brady, Colin & Will
    or Jack, Brady, Colin & Rory

    Colin & Owen are too rhymey for me, and Liam so popular. Will/William is always handsome & classic, and Rory is fun & spunky. Brady & Rory have similar endings as well which is why Will is my top choice!

    For a boy for her, I also suggest:
    Sam - small name with lots of appeal, similar to Jack
    Max - ditto
    Henry - classic but still cute for a little boy
    Archie - since she branched out a bit with Colin, but also has unassuming Jack & Brady, she might like this UK favorite

    For a girl I like: Jack, Brady, Colin & Aurora, nickname "Rory"
    or Jack, Brady, Colin & Teagan

    If she were my friend and she was open to all of the names you discussed, I know I would try to gently steer away from Riley/Kylee etc... they are "cutesy" but not distinctive...she may be lost in a sea of Riley/Kayleigh/Baylees. Obviously this is just personal taste !


    Keira - same feeling, Celtic origin, but feels less "juvenile"/will age well from little girl to grown woman.
    Aubrey - unisex but very pretty on a girl
    Shelby - also unisex but not uber-popular.
    Piper - has the spunky tomboy feel she seems to like.
    Romy - similar to Rory, but with a softer, sweeter sound

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