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    Matthew McConaughey's son

    Born yesterday, Camilla Alves gave birth to Livingston Alves McConaughey. Brother to Vida and Levi.,00.html

    SAY. WHAT. Levi and Vida go so nicely together... but Livingston!? Besides the fact that it has nothing in common with the sibs' style-wise... Levi and Livingston? The beginnings are almost identical.

    I haven't been this rattled by a celebrity baby name IN A WHILE.

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    Yeah I agree, it doesn't match at all. Surely he will go by something else, maybe a short form, although I don't have a clue what it could be...
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    They must have some crazy nickname for him planned that I can't find in Livingston. Definitely not a fan of that name!
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    This just demonstates for me our difficult it can be to choose a name when parents start a pattern. They love the letter "v" so Livingston fits that pattern. However, the name really doesn't "fit" with Levi and Vida. Kind of disappointing. Something more unusual like Ivo/Ivor, Sylvan, Paavo, Juvenal, Ludovic, Octavian/Octavius, Evander, Ovid, Rouvin or Severn would have been wonderful. Oh well, Livingston must have some significance for the couple. I know Matthew's motto is "Just keep livin" so maybe it's a play on that favourite phrase.
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    Livingston is pretty random... Perhaps Livingston is a family surname? Surely it has some significance to Matthew and Camilla.

    Congratulations to the couple nonetheless!

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