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    Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy

    Claire Danes and her husband Hugh Dancy welcomed son Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy on Monday Dec 17th. WDYT of the name? I could see Cyrus gaining some popularity.
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    Usually when a celebrity uses a name I like, I say "Nooooo!" But I think Cyrus needs a little more love before I could actually use it, so I am happy.

    LOVE the nickname Cy. Almost want to use it alone.

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    I like Cyrus, but not Michael or Christopher. Both are way overdone. I could see Cyrus gaining popularity. Especially with the nickname Cy which many people seem to like.
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    I was really excited when I saw the name Cyrus showing up prominently on the main page and immediately thought "Some celebrity just must have used it". It has been my favorite boys' name for over 10 years now, ever since I used it for the main character of the near-future sci-fi novel I've been casually working on since 1999. The name was generally considered really out-there on the (American) baby name forums I used to frequent back then, so I find it refreshing to see it receive some more love these days. Sadly, I'll never be able to use it for a future son because it just wouldn't work in my language. (Then again, when I used to work at a German amusement park a couple of years ago, I once overheard a (German native speaker and not at all Iranian-looking) mom calling out her sons' names, which I delightfully registered as Cyrus and Darius. It was the most awesome name-related experience I ever had.)

    Sorry for digressing, back to the topic. The middle names are a bit overused for my liking, but fine nonetheless, and the combo has a great flow to it. Congrats to Claire & Hugh!
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    Cyrus is a wonderful choice. An old name with history. Michael and Christopher aren't faves of mine but they're fine names nonetheless. A really solid combo.
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