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    Question Kline Olivia???!!!!

    I need to do some google searching to find ouut who this celebrity is but why nameberry WHy would they name a GIRL Kline??????? That is so random and like its a mans sound like a lawfirm or kleinmans..yuck what do you mamaberries think??

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    I agree - it sounds very man-like; however, with the current trend of using random man-like surnames for little girls, it truly doesn't surprise me. I certainly can think of some similar choices in my area for little girls. Celebrities love to use something that shocks the world

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    It was Mike Eli from The Eli Young Band. Not a fan of the name at all. Very unattractive. Olivia is nice, though.
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    I LOVE EYB! Can't say I like baby girl's first name, but I've definitely heard worse. And who knows, maybe it's honoring someone special?


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    Kline as a first name definitely wouldn't work in my country because it means 'little'. So I'd never use it as a first name.

    She could always go by Olivia if she's older. That's a really nice name!

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