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    Small Generation CAF with Occupations

    DH(64) Charles, John, Nicholas, Thomas, William, James (LN: Shepard, Goodman, Hendricks) (Architect, Plumbing Contractor, Bar Owner)
    DW(56) Catherine, Elizabeth, Margaret, Sarah, Molly, Claire (MN: Jones, Brown, Hill) (Bakery owner, Accountant, Inside Sales)

    DD(38) Kayla, Naomi, Paige, Brianna, Lacey, Autumn (Elementary Teacher, Middle School Principal High, School History Teacher)
    DH(40) Caleb, Lawson, Jacob, Joshua, Stephen, Brian (LN: Campbell, Murphy, Bradford) (Speech Therapist, Police Officer, Dentist)
    DS(10) Brody, Elliott, Beau, Wyatt, Levi, Father’s FN
    DS(8) Jensen, Jack, Dakota, Spencer, Rhett, Father’s MN
    DD(4) Harper, Huntleigh, Blake, Dallas, Bristol, Grandmother’s MN

    DS(35) Matthew, Dylan, Austin, Brandon, Andrew, Noah (Physical Therapist, Sports Commentator, Coastguard)
    DW(35) Morgan, Bailey, Faith, Emily, Courtney, Abigail (MN: Ford, Hancock, Carpenter) (Photographer, Social Worker, Stay-at-home Mom)
    DD(8) Mallory, Hailey, Sawyer, Eden, Olivia, Grandmother’s FN
    DD(7) Mackenzie, Ava, Danielle, Charlotte, Sophia, Kaydence
    DS(5) Nolan, Foster, Gage, Duke, Weston, Father’s FN

    DD(34) Brooke, Alison, Cassandra, Nicole, Jordan, Leigh (Dancer, Theater Stage Manager, Horse Trainer)
    DexH(36) Michael, Christopher, Daniel, Lucas, Adam, Ryan (LN: Pope, Patterson, Figueroa) (Computer Engineer, Car Salesman, Adoption Attorney)
    DS(11) Dalton, Trent, Henry, Chase, Miles, Grandfather’s FN
    DS(9) Atticus, Duncan, Landry, Heath, Connor, Father’s FN

    DH(38) Gabriel, Kevin, Sean, Zachary, Timothy, Allen (LN: Moore, Briggs, Stewart) (US Army Sargent, Chiropractor, Pharmacist)
    DS(4) Father’s name, Jr.
    DD(2) Carleigh, Aspen, Isabelle, Saylor, Evelyn, Grace
    Baby naming days are over but I'm still addicted to Nameberry!

    Kylee Jane 2/2/99 ~ Matthew Dylan 3/14/02

    ~Current Obsessions~
    Everly Danielle ~ Eden Elizabeth ~ Lauren Brooke ~ Bristol Katherine
    Elliott Thomas ~ Andrew Rhys ~ Joshua William ~ Everett Charles

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    DH(64) William James Shepard (Architect)
    DW(56) Margaret Claire (MN: Jones) (Bakery owner) “Maggie

    DD(38) Lacey Brianna Campbell (MN: Shepard) (High School History Teacher)
    DH(40) Joshua Brian Campbell (Dentist) “Josh
    DS(10) Brody Joshua Campbell
    DS(8) Spencer Rhett CampbellRhett
    DD(4) Huntleigh Claire Campbell

    DS(35) Dylan Matthew Shepard (Physical Therapist)
    DW(35) Morgan Faith Shepard (MN: Carpenter) (Photographer)
    DD(8) Mallory Margaret Shepard
    DD(7) Ava Danielle Shepard
    DS(5) Nolan Gage Shepard

    DD(34) Jordan Leigh (MN: Shepard) (Horse Trainer)
    DexH(36) Ryan Christopher Figueroa (Computer Engineer)
    DS(11) Dalton William Figueroa
    DS(9) Landry Heath Figueroa

    DH(38) Kevin Gabriel Moore (US Army Sargent)
    DS(4) Kevin Gabriel Moore, Jr. “Gabriel
    DD(2) Aspen Grace Moore
    Baby naming days are over but I'm still addicted to Nameberry!

    Kylee Jane 2/2/99 ~ Matthew Dylan 3/14/02

    ~Current Obsessions~
    Everly Danielle ~ Eden Elizabeth ~ Lauren Brooke ~ Bristol Katherine
    Elliott Thomas ~ Andrew Rhys ~ Joshua William ~ Everett Charles

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    DH(64) William James (LN: Shepard) (Architect)
    DW(56) Claire Elizabeth (MN: Hill) (Bakery owner)

    DD(38) Paige Autumn Bradford (Elementary Teacher)
    DH(40) Joshua Stephen (Josh) (LN: Bradford) (Police Officer)
    DS(10) Brody Joshua Bradford
    DS(8) Jack Spencer Bradford
    DD(4) Harper Elizabeth Bradford

    DS(35) Andrew Matthew (Drew) Shepard (Physical Therapist)
    DW(35) Courtney Morgan (MN: Ford) (Photographer)
    DD(8) Olivia Claire Shepard
    DD(7) Mackenzie Charlotte Shepard
    DS(5) Weston Foster Sherpard

    DD(34) Brooke Leigh Pope-Moore (Horse Trainer)
    DexH(36) Christopher Adam (LN: Pope) (Adoption Attorney)
    DS(11) Trent Henry Pope
    DS(9) Heath Christopher Pope

    DH(38) Sean Timothy (LN: Moore) (US Army Sargent)
    DS(4) Sean Timothy Moore Jr.
    DD(2) Grace Evelyn Moore

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    DH[64] William CharlesWills” (LN: Shepard) (architect)
    DW[56] Margaret CatherineMaisie” (MN: Hill) (accountant)

    DD[38] Lacey Naomi (middle school principal)
    DH[40] Lawson Joshua (LN: Campbell) (speech therapist)
    DS[10] Levi Lawson
    DS[8] Rhett Joshua
    DD[5] Harper Catherine

    DS[35] Andrew Noah (physical therapist)
    DW[35] Morgan Abigail (MN: Carpenter) (social worker)
    DD[8] Sawyer Margaret
    DD[7] Charlotte Sophia
    DS[5] Weston Andrew

    DD[34] Cassandra NicoleAndie” (dancer)
    DexH[36] Lucas Adam (LN: Patterson) (computer engineer)
    DS[11] Henry William
    DS[9] Duncan Lucas

    DH[38] Gabriel ZacharyGabe” (LN: Moore) (Pharmicist)
    DS[4] Gabriel Zachary, Jr.
    DD[2] Grace IsabelleGracie"

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    DH(64) Charles William (LN: Hendricks) (Architect)
    DW(56) Elizabeth Claire (MN: Hill) (Accountant)

    DD(38) Brianna Autumn (School History Teacher)
    DH(40) Caleb Lawson (LN: Bradford) (Dentist)

    DS(10) Brody Caleb
    DS(8) Jack Lawson
    DD(4) Bristol Claire

    DS(35) Matthew Brandon (Physical Therapist)
    DW(35) Abigail Morgan (MN:Carpenter) (Social Worker)

    DD(8) Hailey Elizabeth
    DD(7) Sophia Charlotte
    DS(5) Foster Matthew

    DD(34) Alison Brooke (Horse Trainer)
    DexH(36) Christopher Lucas (LN: Patterson) (Computer Engineer)

    DS(11) Henry Charles
    DS(9) Duncan Christopher

    DH(38) Gabriel Zachary (LN: Moore) (Pharmacist)
    DS(4) Gabriel Zachary, Jr.
    DD(2) Aspen Evelyn

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