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    Help name our twins, please!

    Hi, I'm new to the forums, looking for some help to name my boy/girl twins end March/beginning April. At least, we're 90% sure they're boy & girl, expected miss has been in awkward positions for most of the pregnancy so far, but they haven't found anything to say both are boys!

    Our boy will be Harry, no second guessing that one, named after my father who was killed in an accident when I was young. My husband knows how much the name means to me and how much I want to honor him by using it. Problem is that he'd also like to honor his father in the middle name (which is also his middle name), James, which I love the sound of together....but as a Harry Potter fanatic on top, I don't know if JK Rowling has made that combination too unusable now!

    After some thoughts on James as a middle name, and some suggestions on a girls name to go with Harry. We both love Hailey, but know its way too similar for a twin, or really in any sibset!!!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Harry amd James as a combo are fine. They're both common enough that I don't think most people will make the HP assumption. If the names were Severus and Hagrid, you might have a case.

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    Harry James is perfect, I wouldn't have any doubts about that.

    What kind of girl's names do you like? Do you have any female family names you'd like to use?
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    First, contratulations on your twins!
    Harry James is a lovely combination. I don't think people will immediately jump to the Harry Potter combination, especially if your ln doesn't sound like Potter.
    As for girls names, is there anything you like other than Hailey? It is easier to give good suggestions with a list of things you like.
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