View Poll Results: Vote on your favorite of our 4 kids' names?

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  • Spencer Cruz

    6 13.64%
  • Lincoln James

    11 25.00%
  • Charlotte Rae

    16 36.36%
  • Julia Violet

    11 25.00%
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    Our 4 kids' names. What do you think?

    We want 4 kids. Here are the names we are thinking:

    Spencer Cruz Dolhanyk
    Lincoln James Dolhanyk
    Charlotte Rae Dolhanyk
    Julia Violet Dolhanyk

    What do you think? Opinions are appreciated! Which of the 4 is your favorite?

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    Nov 2011
    Nice sibset-- my only change would be to Spencer's mn-- Cruz does not seem to fit with the other names you're using here. Perhaps Spencer Edward, Spencer Luke, or Spencer Jacob instead?

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    I think Julia Violet is gorgeous, and I love Lincoln James. I don't care for the other two and find the trendy (especially Rae and Cruz).

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    I like them! The only one that seems out of place is Spencer and certainly Cruz. All the names are classic, but this one feels to trendy for me. Something like Sullivan would fit more of the classic vibe!

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    Julia Violet is stunning!! Charlotte is very pretty. I quite like Lincoln James too.
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