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    Sister for Abriella and Josephine. Julia or Emily?

    I am totally split between Julia and Emily. My daughters names are Abriella (Abby) and Josephine (Josie). I love the idea of Emmi as a nickname for Emily, but hate how popular it is. I also have had Julia high on my idea list for my other daughters when they were born, but I really like Nicknames and my husband hates jewlz. Please help me. I am also stuck on 1 syllable MN. Thx

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    If I had to pick between the two I'd pick Emily. I feel like Abriella is definitely the odd one out in either case. With Julia she might question why both her sisters got common, familiar "J" names while she got an uncommon, unique "A" name instead.

    With Emily you may still have a problem with the common Josephine and Emily, but at least each girl gets their own unique initial.

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    Here are some suggestions for first names/nick names that go with your current names. I've never been a huge fan of Emily, only because it's very popular and sort of plain-sounding to me, even though it's also very cute/sweet. To call someone named Emily "Emmi" seems a bit of a stretch, but if you like it, you like it! The nn does not seem as established as Josie or Abby, though...much more cutesie and insubstantial. Eh, anyway, maybe some of these will spark something!

    Sylvia nn Sylvie (even though Sylvie is technically the French variant of Sylvia, it works as a nn too!)

    Susannah nn Susie

    Catherine nn Catie

    Mirabel nn Miri or Mira

    Charlotte nn Charlie or Lottie

    Margaret or Mary nn Mimi or Molly

    ETA: I really like Julia. Do you have something against Julie as a nick name? Or even Lia?
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    Emily. It has a beautiful sound and meaning.
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    I knew an Emmi(e) whose name was Emmalie or Emilie (can't remember which spelling). I kind of like Emily spelled like that because it gives a name that is SO common a different look.
    What about Emeline or Emilia or Emina?? They kind of go more with the longer names of your girls.
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