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    Soft Girl Name With Strong Sounding Nickname

    I would like to find a girl name that is either very formal/old or very frilly sounding, something long or extravagant, but that has a very strong nickname that could be used for a tomboy or the like. I don't want it to sound like a boy's name, just a name that would be a strong/tough girl. I would prefer that the formal name start with either an A, or a D, though B's and C's are also appreciated. Best possible scenario would be if the nickname started with a T.

    I have an older son named Caleb and am having twin girls this time. I've already decided on Beatrice, nickname Tris, for one but I need anther.

    Thanks so much!

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    Congrats i'm having twins too!

    Antonia nickname Toni? That was the first thing i thought of. Anthea->Thea? Anastasia->Tasia or Taysha? Delphine nickname Fia or Fina?
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    Adelaide/Adele/Adeline - Addie/Del
    Amabel/Amapola - May/Mae
    Amaryllis - Ryl (I particularly love this one)
    Amelia/Amelie - Milly
    Amoret - Mo
    Annabel - Annie
    Anthea - Ant/Thea
    Arabella - Ari
    Araminta - Ari/Minta
    Ariadne - Ari/Aria
    Astoria - Story
    Calliope - Cal
    Camellia/Camilla - Milly/Cammy/Milla
    Catalina/Catherine - Kit/Cat
    Charlotte - Charlie
    Claudie/Claudia - Claude
    Clemency/Clementine - Clem
    Cordelia - Dee/Del
    Cosima - Sim
    Damaris - May/Mae
    Delilah - Lil/Del
    Dorothy - Dot/Dorrit
    Dorothea - Dot/Thea/Dorrit
    Eliza + Beatrix + Constance + Romilly + Clementine + Freya + Mabel + Agnes + Betty + Margot
    Felix + Ivo + Calloway + Walter + Linus + Otto + August + Hugo + Zebedee + Rollo + Phineas

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    When I read the first line the first name that popped into my head was Persephone with the nickname Percy but that doesn't fit the letters you want, or even Mattea nn Tea.

    Clementina 'Tina'
    Christabel 'Chris(sie)'
    Demeter 'Demi'
    Dorothea 'Thea'
    Florentina Arleen Belle & River Isaac James

    Zeke Gabriel Asher - Atlas Xavier Louis - Oren Zachary Jude
    Bear William Oscar - Leif Sebastian Arthur
    Pandora Ottilie Winter - Indira Persephone Rose - Elowen Matilda Carys
    Adelaide Junia Scarlet - Clemency Eden Willow

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    Thank you! My partner and I both like Thea for a nickname, so we're going to use Dorothea.

    Caleb, myself and my partner are looking forward to welcoming:

    Beatrice Edith
    Dorothea Faith

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