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    Adorable & Preppy Name: __________ Lily Cruise

    Hi! I am searching for the perfect first name for our future daughter. We know we would like to use the middle name Lily to honor my mother and my DH grandmother. Please help us find a first name that is adorable, at least two + syllables to go with our short surname, and a little on the preppy side without being overkill. Also, if the name is in the top 30 it is out.

    Some of the names I gravitate towards but DH doesn't like:

    I am thinking that a three syllable name may flow the best with the 2 syllable middle name and 1 syllable last...

    Any ideas? I would love to hear your favorites. Thanks

    ______ Lily Cruise

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    Jenna Lily Cruise sounds gorgeous and preppy!

    Teresa Lily Cruise
    Irena Lily Cruise
    Amoret Lily Cruise
    Karina Lily Cruise
    Milena Lily Cruise
    Genevieve Lily Cruise
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    I think something that end in the OH sound will sound fantastic!

    Milo Lily Cruise
    Silo Lily Cruise
    Marlowe Lily Cruise
    Harlow Lily Cruise
    Shiloh Lily Cruise

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    So far we like Genevieve... Keep them coming please!

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