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    Abigail !! It's so popular, so that means many people love it, but I looooooathe it. I think it's the gail part... I actually could tolerate Abby until this reality show about Abby Lee and her dance company came out. Now I don't like Abby either.

    Oh and Kylie/ Mylee/ Kaylee/ Zaylee/ Baylee/ Maylee/ Traylee drive me NUUUUUTSO!!! People believe they're being so unique, but the names all sound the same.... grrr
    James ~ Ariston

    Aurelia ~ Sidra ~ Elizabeth ~ Gia ~ Julia

    The others I hold close.... Quade ~ William (Liam) ~ Dresden ~ Giordana ~ Lydiana ~ Laurenza ~ Vivara ~ Fonya ~ Sagelle

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