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    Question Are there any names that you dislike for absolutely no apparent reason?

    Everyone has names that they like and dislike, so I'm curious. What are some names that you don't like, but don't have a reason for not liking it?

    For me, it Xander and Zander. Everytime I hear these names, I want to claw out my eardrums, but I don't know why. They're names that would fit perfectly in my list. They're not too common, or out there for me. I don't know anyone with the names, and I don't have any bad associations with them.
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    Michaela/Mikayla and all the other spellings. So many people love this name, but I just hate it. It's even the female version of my fiance's name, Michael, but I just really dislike it.

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    I cannot stand the name Sarah, I know lots if people have this name, so sorry, but I just don't like it.
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    Hannah, Emily and Thomas... never liked them ever.
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    Teagan and Keegan. I can't stand those names for some reason. I think it's the harsh G sound.

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