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    Katherine (and the other spellings) I don't know why, but i really dislike it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by sheflieswithherownwings View Post
    Hannah, Emily and Thomas... never liked them ever.
    I'll second these, and Andrew -- which is my husband's name but he goes by AJ thank goodness!
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    I do not like Ingrid, Edith, Bertha, Cordelia, Dorkas or Edna. They just don't sound pretty to me.

    For boys I don't like Albert, Howard, Orville, Elliot, or Gavin. They just sound awkward to me.

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    I can't stand the sound of the name Jasper for some reason. It always makes me think of a demon/gremlin/goblin sort of thing, so I assume I must be subconsciously associating it with a character in a cartoon or something.

    edit: I actually like the name Casper, which makes it all the more inexplicable that I dislike Jasper
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    Oh there's plenty. Off the top of my head though...
    Asher, Rosamund, Adalaide, Arabella, Sidney. They all just don't sound pleasant to my ear.

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