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    I love your children's names, they go together so well.

    Felicity Eleanor, Molly Olivia, Audrey Sienna and Evelyn Naomi ae my favourites for a girl. I think Brennan, Declan, Laurel and Felicity would be perfect.

    Ronan, Tristan, Elijah and Silas are all gorgeous! I think Silas would be perfect but so would Ronan as it another Irish name.

    Silas & Felicity or Tristan & Felicity would get my vote.

    So my overall vote for the sibset would be Brennan, Declan, Laurel, Tristan & Felicity, I think that's gorgeous.
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    I like

    Silas & Evelyn

    Elijah & Laurel

    edit: oh, I didn't realize you'd included your current childrens names in your list for voting......then I guess I'm voting for Evelyn for a girl.
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    If you want to continue the Celtic "an" ending theme, choose Ronan and Tristan
    If you want something different for a change, choose Silas.

    With Laurel Carys, I like Felicity, Molly and Audrey. If you had spelled Bronwen this way (Bronwyn is the Welsh MALE spelling), it may have been at the top of the list.
    All the best,

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    My favorites are Audrey Sienna and Elijah Benjamin! Awesome twin names!

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    Cressida: My husband, Griff, put the list together. When I posted this I hadn't realized that he'd included the names of our three children. Oops!

    Everyone else thank you for voting! Griff loves the name Ronan, he had a hard time convincing me on it. I love Tristan. For a girl we think we are stuck between Felicity and Evelyn. (At least today!)

    Silas and Colby are family names, I've always had my heart set on them but neither are favorites of Griff's.

    Today we are debating Ronan Patrick, Tristan Joshua, Evelyn Naomi, and Felicity Eleanor.

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