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    Talking A sister for Phoebe

    So, for our first daughter my husband and I agreed on the name Phoebe. I love the name Phoebe and want to find a name for our 2nd daughter that I love just as much! I am having a hard time finding the perfect name.....Please help!

    First, here are the things I love about Phoebe:

    -it means brilliant, shining one
    -it is biblical
    -Greek moon goddess
    -unique, but not made up, old world
    -there is a Phoebe bird

    Here are some names I like, but I'm not sure how well they go with Phoebe:

    -Greta (my grandmother's name was Grethel)
    -Philippa or Pippa (not sure how I feel about another Ph)
    -Carlotta nn Lottie
    -Theodora (great grandmother's name was Thea Docia, we called her "Mama Doshie")
    -Lark (spunky and another bird name)

    I guess maybe I like old lady names Oh, and Phoebe's middle name is Celeste (also my middle name and my grandmother's mn), but don't worry about middle names so much. I can come up with a mn if I can just get the first name figured out!

    Do any of these sound ok with Phoebe? Please post other suggestions! Please help me!

    Thanks so much!

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    I love how you have so many reasons to love your daughter's name.

    My favourites from your list are Hazel and Lucy, which go perfectly with Phoebe.

    Alice, Norah, Ellen, Lilly and Isla were my instinct. Good luck!
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    Love Lark. Also like Greta.

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    A soft name like the following would be the best imo.

    Ayli The baby girl name Aili is pronounced as EY-Liy- or -AY-Liy- †.

    Aili is used mostly in the Scottish, English, and Finnish languages, and its language of origin is Germanic, Old French, and Old Greek.
    Aili is a pet form of the English, Gaelic, German, Irish, and Scottish name Aileen.
    Aili is also a derivative (Scottish) of the Czech, English, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Scandinavian name Alice.

    I chose this name as an alternative to Isla and Alice both names go beautifully with Phoebe but I love the sweetness and flow of Ayli although I like the spelling of Aili more and it is interesting to see that it has strong Scottish roots as well as Scandinavian and European.

    I like Aili and Phoebe

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    The first thing that came to mind was Ariadne. (prn ari-OD-ney). But you could use the more "modern" form, Ariana.
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