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    To me Caitlyn is more modern than Kate. I don't really believe in "dated" names. The person makes it their own.

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    I don't think Caitlin is dated at all. It's a "modern classic".

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    Definite 90s name, but I still think it's wearable on a baby of today

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    Cair Paravel :)
    I actually really love Caitlin (this spelling only). Yeah, I know quite a few Caitlins/Kaitlyns/Kaitlins/Katelyns from the 90s--I remember in a music history course I took in college, we had our names printed on our desks, and there must have been 10 Kaitlyns/Kaits/Katies/etc. But in day-to-day living, I rarely come across any. I have one coworker, Kaitlin, and my mom's former coworker has a little girl (probably around 4 now) whose name is Caitlin Rebecca, I believe. I still think its very pretty. I feel like it was overused in the 90s, but it feels no more dated than Rachel, and you can see how much I love that.

    I would actually love to hear the Irish pronunciation, but I think that's sort of unrealistic to hope for that in America, haha. But the Irish pronunciation makes Caitlin fresh again, imo.
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    Ummm, I think it is still pretty common. A little dated but not unusable. My fav is Caitlin and next would be Katelyn. I dislike the other spellings!!

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