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    I haven't met very many Caitlyns. One is her twenties and the other is less than a year old. I don't consider it dated and would love to see it become a new classic. I really like it.

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    Caitlin is the variation that feels dated to me.

    That said, I do know an adorable 2 year old Caitlin.

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    I don't consider it too dated yet where I live, but it's the spelling variations that are still going strong. Katelyn and Katelynn seem to be favored spellings around here. I know a 1-year-old Katelynn and a 2-year-old Larissa Katelyn. Personally I prefer the original Caitlin.
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    Definitely dated. I know at least 10 Caitlins in different spellings, and my legal name starts with a K sound so there are about 3 people in my life who consistently call me Caitlin just because it's that common for my age group.
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    I have college students and an adult acquaintance named Caitlin (with a K spelling), so it feels a bit dated to me. But if you love it, I don't see a problem with it. I do prefer the C spelling.
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