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    is Caitlyn (any spelling) dated?

    I thought Caitlyn (any spelling) was a bit dated even 5-6 years ago but i have met so many of them recently in the 2-5 age range - is it becoming a current classic? am i the only one that finds it dated? i do really like the name but jsut thought its day had passed...

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    Caitlin had her heyday in the 1990's so it's "dated" for me. However, the trendy spelling Kaitlyn has overtaken the Irish Caitlin and was No# 100 in the US last year (2,893 girls) so obviously some people still find it appealing. It has two things going for it: the popular sounds of "ay" and "n" and the fact that it's Irish. With all of its spelling variations, I'm not surprised that you're still hearing it.
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    I feel like it's been usurped by Caylee. I think "90s" when I hear it. For a classic take on this genre of name (if that makes any sense) I would go for simply Kate. I know two women my age (mid thirties) who've gone the Hollywood route and picked Cate recently.

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    I find it dated. I realize this probably depends somewhat on where you live, but in the 90s and early 2000s peak of Caitlin (and it's many, many spellings) I lived in the midwest and of the seven baby girls friends had at the time, three were named a variant of the name. I find all of the double syllable long-a names dated though (ex. Jayden, Kayla, Ayden, etc.)
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    Caitlin and all it's spellings are still going strong here. I love it. One of my friends and one of my cousins both have a Caitlin. I love all Kate variations. ♥
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