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    Irish/Celtic girl's name... need help!

    Our baby girl could come any day now, and we are still stuck on a name. My entire family is of Irish heritage (with a teeny bit of Scottish), and I'd like a name that is "classic Irish" -- a name that when it is said or written people (at least most) will identify it as Irish/Celtic. However, I don't know that I want a name so uniquely Irish that it would be difficult for many people throughout my daughter's life to pronounce or spell here in the US. There are lots of names that I'd have no hesitation choosing if I were living in Ireland. The traditional spellings don't bother me personally and I prefer them, but I wonder if it would make things challenging for my daughter?

    My two sons' names are Conor and Liam. When I chose their names I was going with the guidelines above -- "classic Irish" but not too "out there" for living in the US. Unfortunately, the names have become quite a bit too popular for my liking since naming them. But I do love their names as they stand alone.

    Anyway, here is a sampling from the long list of girls' names we've been collecting. Many of them are okay with me, but I keep waiting to love one or discover one that I absolutely love. And that would go well with my boys' names, etc.
    *Aislinn (ash-lin) (unsure how concerned to be over spelling/pronunciation for my daughter's sake... also I do not like Ashlyn, Ashley and the like and want a name that conjures up classic Irish, not trendy pop-ish names, if that makes any sense?)
    *Nora (feel like has become so mainstream that not necessarily immediately identified or known as Irish)
    *Maeve (husband does not like)
    *Alana (same comments as Nora)
    *Fiona (but cousin and friend both have girls with this name)
    *Caelainn (but don't like Kaylin and don't want it confused as such) ... also having difficulty confirming traditional spelling and how much I'd want to stray from it or not
    *Keelin (for some reason I find this a little hard to say? and not sure how I feel about the Anglicized spelling)

    Names that I think are now somewhat unisex but we fear are too boyish for our taste: Quinn, Finlay

    Our list is much longer, but I'll spare you all from all of them! I'm sure some of you may suggest other names we've thought of. Any thoughts? Thank you!

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