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    Ways to honour Janet?

    hey berries, I was wondering if you can help.
    My mums name is Janet, and I was trying to think of a way to honour her should we have a girl in the future. Middle name begins with L.
    I don't really like the name Janet, and her middle name is horrible, even she hates it. Jane seems a bit bland to me, Janine is a friends name but I'm not a fan of it, and Jeanie etc is not my style.
    I was thinking maybe Jaylee but it seems very made up. Another name I like is Jalyn/Jailyn (for mums initials J and L). Another name is January, as mum is born in January. But as the surname is Brown, I'm not sure. Maybe for a middle name? There is also Winter, but again the surname thing. My last idea was Robin/Robyn as mum loves them.
    Can anyone help? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Xxx
    Mrs B
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    Robin Brown sounds cute, but to honor a Janet I'd say Janina (YAH-nee-nah) or Jana (YAH-nah)
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    Can you pull off a variant like Sinead? I love the idea of using Robin b/c your mother loves it.

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    Hmm Jaylee and Jailyn are cute and on-trend maybe for the middle spot. I just agree with you about Jaylee, and feel the same way about Jaylyn etc, that both are made-up feeling and both are going to be very, very strongly associated with this point in time. If you go with either I'd recommend the middle spot again.

    What is the middle name that is so awful? Maybe we can think of another name that would nod to it?

    There are also names with J L sequences that are much more timeless - Julie (a little dated), Julia (timeless), Juliana (more of-the-moment but less than Jaylee/Jaylen). There's also the Biblical Jael/Yael.

    I really like January for the Jan- part and the birth month connection. Middle spot seems fine for that if you think it's too much word. I think January Brown could work though. Garnet is the January birthstone...Janvier is French for January...

    There's also Joan, Joanna, and Johanna - like Janet all connected to the feminine forms of John.

    Hannah, Anna, Anne all share some overlap with that root (meaning grace while John/Johan/Johannes etc refer to "God is gracious").

    Grace of course would nod to the name's meaning.

    Jennet and Jenna feel faintly connected by sound.

    NB gives Zaneta as a Russian variant of Janet. says Jessie was originally a Scottish nickname for Jean, another feminine form of John.

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    I love January. January Brown doesn't sound bad at all. You can call her Jana or Jane.
    Good luck,

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