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    Thanks so much for all your thoughts and suggestions so far. I've tried several times to appeal to my husband with Maeve, but he just doesn't seem to like it at all! Not even a little bit. I might try again.

    I also appreciate all the feedback on Aislinn! It's in my husband's top two choices. I love the meaning and sound of the name, but for some reason two things seem to be holding me back a bit: sounding like Ashlyn/Ashley and potential complications with spelling/pronunciation (which I never before thought would be an issue for me). It's positive to hear that so many of you like it and think it may not be much of an issue. Would love to hear any other thoughts on this.

    I like the suggestion of Mairead. It had not come up in any of my reading or searching. Not sure how well it fits with the boys' names though. Is Maire pronounced "moyra"?

    I've looked at so many names and keep waiting for one to jump out as "love it!". Choosing my sons' names was so much easier, and choosing a girl's name is proving to be much harder for me.

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    I love all your options. I'm not expecting but trying to be, and I face the same problem with coming up with Irish names that aren't wrong for me for one reason or another. My daughter is Brenna. It's a bit mod-Irish (my husband's choice) and although I was fighting for something more traditional, it suits her perfectly. And everyone knows it Irish upon hearing it -my goal! (I guess because of the connection to Brendan). I think Brenna would sound lovely with Conor and Liam, and although I feared it becoming too trendy, it seems to have slid under the radar so far!

    My absolute favorite from your list is Nora/Norah. I think it's a gorgeous name, but unfortunately I keep hearing of more babies being given this name around me, and I don't think I'd use it Darcy/Darcie is another love of mine but I share this fear!

    Two unusual ones that have come to my attention are Tierney and Neely. I immediately like them but can also find reasons to talk myself out of them! Oona and Orla are super cool in my opinion (and super Irish!) but I'm not sure how a young girl in my area would feel about carrying such a unique name.

    Good luck to you!!! Please let us know what you choose

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    My favorites for you are Aislynne/Aislyn, Aileen and Tierney. It's not Irish, but Pippa is lovely and seems British Isles. Agnes was very popular in Ireland a few hundred years ago, although it's a Greek name. And while I'm digressing I may as well mention Anouk and Annika. McKenzie has an Irish feel, although it's Scottish. Probably because of McKenna, which is Irish. And a lot of parents are using Riley for a girl; you could do Reilly.

    Happy naming.

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    Actually, you could try Enya... it depends on how much you'd mind the singer association.

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    Taking grammar rules into account, the correct spelling of Caelainn would be Caelinn or Cailinn, Caelinn is definitely incorrect.

    I love Maeve and Ciara. Definitely avoid Finlay - Its a 100% boy in Ireland and the UK despite its baffling popularity on girls in the US.

    Some of my own favourites:


    Grace, Early 20's and Bride-to-Be...Dreaming of Future Babies.

    Lucy Primrose, Alice Juliette, Rose Charlotte, Madeline Sophie, Lillian Faye, Ivy Elena, Amélie Winter.
    Mae Seraphina nn Maisy, Phoebe Luna, Annabella Violet, Kate Susannah.
    Noah Samuel, Rory Joshua, Luca Gabriel, Isaac Beau, Louis Daniel, Henry Rowan, William Elliott, Roman Alexander.

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