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    Too plain, or is it unexpected enough for this generation?

    We just found out dh's grandpa has stage 4 cancer. I thought it would be nice to honor him by naming our son David after him. I know that would mean a lot to my husband and his family. I like the name just fine and I've always loved King David from the bible... I just never thought I would consider using such a "regular guy" name for my son, as I like more unexpected, cool/edgy names. We're considering David either as a first name or a middle name, but this question is more for if we used it as a first name.

    Do you think David is too plain, boring, or overused? Or could it be cool or unexpected for this new generation of babies?

    What are your overall opinions?
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    I love David. It's so classy but still casual. I would use it in the first name spot, it would be very unexpected in today's generation of babies. You could call him Davey, which is an unexpected nickname.

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    To be honest I love the meaning and significance to you and your husband but I find it so plain and I just couldn't bare the thought of a little boy becoming another 'Dave'. I like the nickname Davy and I think that would be super cute but I think 'Dave' is much more likely so for this reason I think it's better as a middle name.
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    I have also thought about this name because it is a family name on both sides of the family. I do think it is a little plain but I love the significance for you. I would probably use Davis as a FN to honor a David or maybe Davidson in the middle spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christabel View Post
    I would probably use (...) Davidson in the middle spot.
    I love the suggestion of Davidson for a mn. I love the -son names when they have a family connection like this. Even as a fn I think it would be really nice. I don't know if I can really consider using a name like David, James, John unexpected in any generation. But I do like the classics and think that I'd probably prefer David or Davidson over any other related name like Davis or Davy as a proper first name.
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