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    Heavy on the Scandinavian just to tacky?


    My son is Nils. He is named after his greatgrandfather who was off the boat Swedish. Our last name is also heavily Swedish and ends in ---Strom. So, Nils --Strom is quite Scandinavian sounding. There are few names my hubs likes and the ones that we both like tend to be Swedish sounding, Olin and Axel. I like Olin the best right now but I am afraid Nils and Olin are SO Scandinavian it would sound strange next to any girls we may have in the future as they would not have Scandinavian names. Would Nils, Olin and Adeline sound strange? Also, the fact that Nils and Olin are 4 letters and only 1 letter different. NILs and oLIN. is that weird? Is it tacky?

    We also both like Jonah and Ephraim, I like Ephraim but our LN ends in m and I think it sounds weird when u say it. I like Jonah but its becoming increasingly popular.
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    Olin is simple and clean and masculine and sounds great with Nils, as does Jonah.

    Both sound good with Adeline too, the letter l ties them together.

    I wouldn't take into consideration what I may name my third child when pregnant with my second; just go with what you love as your tastes may change before then.
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    I like Nils and Olin together! Very adorable brothers. I think Adeline sounds nice with them, the -line ending is pretty popular in Sweden so it can sound a little bit swedidh. Or maybe you'd like Evelina or Evaline?
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    I don't think its tacky. But I'm half swedish/half american and living in Sweden. it's listed as Swedish here, but there's only three boys in Sweden with this name. I don't think it would strike most people as Scandinavian, it actually reminds me more of the girl name Elin.
    Adeline is a nice name and would be lovely to see with Nils!
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    I don't think it's weird or tacky at all. I find it rather sweet and think it's such a great way to honor your family lineage. Nils, Olin, and Adeline sound great together IMO.

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