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    I think it's a great name. It works in lots of languages, and I don't think it will ever really sound dated. Actually, I would love to use it myself, but my husband has a not-so-favourite uncle named David, which sort of ruins it for us.
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    The name David is wonderful!!! It became popular because it's an extremely handsome name. It actually has rich and distinctive sounds, which make it unlike any other boy's name. The meaning and Biblical associations are unbeatable. The name is used much less now, and I would find it very refreshing to meet a young David. (When I was a teenager, after much thought and consideration, I determined that David was the "perfect" boy's name.) I hope you use it.
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    So sorry about his grandfather . David is nice, but I don't think it goes with your daughters name. It is a great middle name!
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    I adore the name David. It's strong, handsome, classic...but not at all boring for the younger generations. It's my father's name, and my father-in-law's name, and my husband and I are going to use it for a future son's middle name.

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    I got the feeling from your original post that you feel like you should use it, not that you want to use it as a first name. So, I say choose a first name that you LOVE and honor family with the middle name David
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