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    Your and your husband Jasper Luca get married and have a marridge ceremony on a large ship with family and friends.
    After the wedding, you and Jasper Luca go off to your honey moon in Jamaica.
    On your last day in Jamaica, you find out that you are pregnant with your first child! Your husband is thrilled as well and when you get back from your honeymoon, the two of you rush to the doctors to find out the gender, boy/girl twins!
    DS: Xavier Storm
    DD: Jade Willow

    When your children are 2 years old, your husband and you decide to have more children since both of you have always dreamed of having a big family.You have a boy!
    DS: Adrian Jagger

    After your second pregnancy, a year later you and your hubby decide you want to have kids one last time. Nine months later you come home with quints!
    2 boys and 4 girls!
    DS: Milo Knox
    DS: Holden Gray
    DD: Portia Sage
    DD: Charlotte Lux
    DD: Maisie Teal
    DD: Alice Rain

    3 years after your third pregnancy, you unexpectedly find out your pregnant! Although you and your husband are surprized, the new baby will be a welcome addition to your family.However, you have to move to a larger house to have comfortable room for everybody.You move to Maine and purhcase a house with 10 bedrooms so you will have enough space for everyone to be comfortable. 2 months after moving into the new home you have your last child! A boy!
    DS: Owen Sebastian

    How will you arrange everyone in the bedrooms? ( 10 bedrooms in all)
    1. Husband and I
    2. Xavier
    3. Jade
    4. Adrian
    5. Milo and Holden
    6. Portia and Charlotte
    7. Maisie and Alice
    8. Owens nursery
    9. Guest
    10. Playroom

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