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    Red face Another Create A Family dice game (: Long

    The game is pretty easy, just roll the die and which ever number you land on, come back and follow the instructions for that number.(:

    6 sided die:

    Your and your husband (pick a name from: get married and have a :
    1=Small wedding with family and a few close freinds
    2=a HUGE wedding with everybody you know
    3=A marridge ceremony on a large ship with family and freinds
    4=Cheap wedding in Vegas
    5=A beautiful wedding out in the country
    6=relitively small wedding on a beach
    After the wedding, you and (husbands name) go off to your honey moon in:
    1= Fiji
    2= France
    3= Aruba
    On your last day in (honeymoon location), you find out that you are pregnant with your first child!Your husband is thrilled as well and when you get back from your honeymoon, the two of you rush to the doctors to find out the gender:
    2=boy twins
    3=boy/girl twins
    5=girl/girl twins
    6=boy/girl/boy triplets

    Girls & Boys FN:
    Girls & Boys MN:

    When your first child/children are 2 years old, your husband and you decide to have more children since both of you have always dreamed of having a big family.You have:
    1=girl/girl twins
    3=any gender/genders twins you wish
    6=boy/girl twins

    FN girl:
    FN boy:
    MN both:

    After your second pregnancy, a year later you and your hubby decide you want to have kids one last time. Nine months later you come home with quints!
    1=all girl
    2=all boy
    3=half boys half girls
    4=2 boys, 4 girls
    5=1 boy, five girls
    6=4 boys,2 girls
    FN each:
    MN each:

    3 years after your third pregnancy, you unexpectedly find out your pregnate!Although you and your husband are surprized, the new baby will be a welcome addition to your family.However, you have to move to a larger house to have comfortable room for everybody.You move to:
    and purhcase a house with 10 bedrooms so you will have enough space for everyone to be comfortable.2 months after movinginto the new home you have your last child!
    1-3= baby boy
    4-6=baby girl
    FN girl:
    FN boy:
    MN girl:
    MN boy

    How will you arrange everyone in the bedrooms? ( 10 bedrooms in all)

    List the name of all your children below!

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