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    New Zealand
    I'm probably still considered a kid and currently would love to rename myself Eleanor. I also remember a stage a few years ago I wanted to be Cassandra, and before that Jessica
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    I had cycled through Julia, Natasha and Renée before grade 4 and then Hanson came out and my friend nicknamed me Lucy, and I *knew* that should be my name. I've gone by Lucy ever since.
    My legal name is Kristin, and I tried going by Kristy when I was really young because I pretty much idolized Kristy Thomas from the Baby Sitter's Club, haha, but that never stuck.
    I've firmly been a Lucy for the past 15 years; I just don't think my legal name suits me.
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    I wanted to be a Stephanie. Not really sure why, but I guess even as a little girl I was attracted to names spelled with a "ph". I love Daphne, Ophelia, Phoebe, Seraphina, Sophia, Josephine... And yes, I still even like Stephanie, even if some people consider it "dated".

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    I've always loved my name, Francine. It was unique and I loved always being asked if i was French. I did always like the name Leigha though when I was little. Leigha was one of my best friends.
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    I wanted to be an Anna when i was young. But i like my name now, Bethany

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