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    Girls: Winter, Lavender, Snow, Thisbe, Pomeline, Poplin, Windsor, Zelda

    Boys: Frazier, Hodges, Kale, Lark, Yarrow, Wilder, Cypress

    i always connect nature, aged, and somewhat dusty names with whimsy

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    cristinamariane Guest
    I think of nature and word names too, but a little more unusual ones. I like previous mentions of Silver, Winter, Snow, Poplin and Cypress. Aurora, Pearl and Andromeda too. My favorites that I use when brainstorming combos a lot are Crystalline, Snow, Tigerlily, Guinevere, Umbrielle, Ursuline, Fay, Faline, Faustine, Charm, Rosabel, Tanith, Arrietty and my new crush Wintress.

    Others I can think of are Mandolin, Maiden, Belphoebe, Cotton, Prunella, Bryony, Reinrose, Kornoelje (means dogwood), Bluebell, Dragonfly, Blackbird, Nightingale, Amethyst, Avalon, Calypso, Emerald, Petunia nn Petal, Indigo, Fifer, Garnet, Isis, Jessamine, Jewel, Oriole, Plumeria, Reverie, Seawillow, Waterlily, Strawberry, Weaver and Valentine.

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