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    Mar 2015
    Stuttgart, Germany (temporarily)

    Another CA with 3 choices

    DH, FN
    If you sleep with a fan or other "white noise." :
    Finley, Alan, Neil

    If you sleep in complete silence:
    Ollie, Raleigh, Omri

    DH, MN
    If you are afraid of spiders:
    Taylor, Hamilton, Elijah

    If you welcome the eight legged arachnids:
    Ruthrford, Willis, Huxley
    DW, FN
    If you are into romance novels:
    Raven, Ophelia, Meredith

    Give me a good thriller, sci-fi, etc, any day:
    Aileen, Navy, Cecilia

    DW, MN
    If you love ice cream:
    Elke, Natalie, Opal

    If you will take chocolate over ice cream:
    Virginia, Elle, Leonora
    DS, FN
    If you are hungry right now:
    Sasha, Grady, Ira

    If you just had a delicious meal or snack and are quite satisfied:
    Vernon, Elias, Marc

    DS, MN
    If you have your very own pool:
    Justin, Uriel, Scott

    If you are forced to use a friends' pool or the public pool:
    Tobin, Hurley, Arnold
    DD, FN
    If you have one very best friend:
    Fay, Olympia, Reba

    If you have several very close friends:
    Carey, Erica, Doutzen

    DD, MN
    If you are a hugger:
    Season, Elaine, Violet

    If you have a sign that reads, "Do not touch." :
    Elektra, Rachelle, Aberdeen

    DS, FN
    If you wear sunscreen when you are outdoors:
    Scully, Indiana, Gage

    Let the sun shine and give me that tan! :
    Wilder, Ezekial, Austin

    DS, MN:
    If you consider yourself hyperactive:
    Ryder, Sydney, Uriah

    If you're pretty laid back and go with the flow:
    Nathan, Seamus, Calder

    DD, FN
    If you love milk:
    Paris, Rainbow, Elodie

    If you detest milk or are lactose intolerant:
    Tyler, Trudy, Yeardley

    DD, MN
    If you like to watch cartoons:
    Lavender, Ingrid Kara

    Bring on the grown up programming:
    Elvira, Taryn, Orchid
    My kiddos:

    Natalie Ruth, Emily Rose, Brandon Poole, & Jensen Andrew

    Favorites at the moment:

    Matilda Annabelle, Calliope Jusitne, Jasper Coyote, & James Blake

    Check my children's book out at:

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    Dec 2011
    Abhla | Alice | Audrey | Beatrice | Cecilia | Constance | Cordelia | Eilís | Evangeline | Genevieve | Gráinne | Harriet | Helena | Honora | Iris | Iseult | Ivy | Louise | Maud | Moira | Orla | Rosalind | Síomha | Tuathla | Veronica

    Alexander | Amargein | Bran | Ciaran | Cillian | Elias | Ephraim | Everett | Fiachra | Fionn | Isaac | James | Joseph | Jude | Julian | Kellan | Leander | Lonan | Nolan | Oisín | Orson | Patrick | Ronan | Ruaidrí | Thomas

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    Jan 2013
    West Midlands, UK
    H: Ollie Elijah
    W: Cecilia Natalie

    S: Elias Tobin
    D: Olympia Violet
    S: Wilder Nathan
    D: Elodie Kara

    "Ollie (34) and Cecilia (32) with: Eli (8), Ola (6), Wild (3) and Elodie (15mo)."
    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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    Sep 2014
    Newark, NY
    ruby marguerite . clara madeline . georgia rachel . june dorothy . hannah lillian
    daniel ryan . felix asher. evan matthew . elliot robert . tobias frederick

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