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    The Duggars Are Expecting Again

    Assuming you must choose a J name, what you would name the new baby?

    Julia Valentine

    Jacob Atticus

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    Re: The Duggars Are Expecting Again

    I'm always surprised that they haven't used Jacob yet.

    What I'd expect from them:
    Julie Madison (both names were on their list last time)
    Jacob Ryan

    What I would choose:
    Jemima Eleanor OR Josiane Sophia
    Jophiel Morgan OR Jadon Malachi

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    Re: The Duggars Are Expecting Again

    I would choose:

    Juliet Rain


    Jude Gray

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    Re: The Duggars Are Expecting Again

    My goodness have they heard of birth control.

    Jane or Joan

    Jonah or Jaden

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    Re: The Duggars Are Expecting Again

    I feel like they'd use Julia (actually, I think Juliana fits with their style a little more, but to me, it sounds too similar to Joy-Hannah) or Jasmine (I'm not sure why I get that vibe though...)
    They have an interesting mix of mainstream and biblical-sounding names; they might even go with something like Jemma (like Jinger, changing the spelling from a G to a J).

    for a boy, I'd pick Julian or Jett, but I think they'd go with Jacob (I'm honestly surprised they dont have one already!).

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