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    Thank you all so much. Your kind words, encouragement, and advice really help me feel less alone (and less crazy.) I see a new doc at the end of January to start searching for some answers and options. Thanks all!
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    oh you poor thing i have been there! we had to use ivf to get pregnant and the holidays were always terrible especially when you see other family members wth babes all around. Hope the new doctor can help you its so hard.,
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    I totally know how you feel!

    My husband and I started TTC right away (once married) and it took Over 1 year to get pregnant AFTER seeking fertility help! We were very lucky and got pregnant with our son after only 1 round of CLOMID...

    I have always been irregular and also had a section of my left ovary removed due to a large cyst when I was 21.... Turns out I didnt ovulate... The clmoid fixed that!

    Since my son was born (over 2 years ago) we have used NO form of birth control at all and NOTHING (again)! We took 1 cycle of clmoid in April and NOTHING... we took a break over the summer and have to go back for MORe testing in fall... We are now on a higher dose of the same drug that help us get preggo with the first so hopefully it works!!!

    I know what you mean about feeling sad.. I felt like that when trying to pregnant with my first and now as well! I always find it hard to watch young, unprepared girls get "accidently" pregnant and here I am trying SOOO hard!!! It can be very frustrating!

    It's good that you are going to see a doc for help!!!

    P.s I always find it nice to distract myself by looking at adoption sights JUST IN CASE and see all the little children and babies that need homes and see that even if I couldnt concieve my own child that I could still have one!

    Hope it all works out for you!
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