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    Cael or Link for boy #3???

    We are having our third child and third boy in 4 weeks and we are really struggling with what to name him! Brothers are Eben (pronounced EH-ben) and Bode (pronounced BO-dee). Both names are unique but not weird, not in the top 1000, and short names...all qualities I love in a name.

    Our two top names are Cael and Link. I like each name for these reasons:

    Link - very uncommon, unique, and a little "quirky" but I wouldn't say it's weird. I loved it after Prison Break when Lincoln Burrows was called "Link" but we will not formally name him Lincoln (reservations about it are: it's a noun and verb, video came character, and would it work on a grown man?)

    Cael - my husband's first choice. A solid, strong, simple name. The safe choice between the two. (reservations: because there are multiple spellings of Cale and Kale, all three spellings are in the top 1000 and I worry one may grow too much in popularity...last thing we want is a top 20 name. I also just don't "love" the name.)

    PLEASE give me your opinions! Thank you!!!

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    While I think both fit stylistically with your other two, I can't really pick one because I dislike them both strongly.
    I want to play video games with one and cook with the other.

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    I like Cael better.
    Link reminds Me of the video game

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    I like the sound of Link quite a bit, but I definitely think of the video game character immediately. I know a little girl named Zelda and I always think of the video game when I see her.

    Cael seems more substantial and I think would work better on a grown man. I don't think it would ever be in the top 20, but you never know. It does sound similar to Cole which is quite popular. I wouldn't worry too much about it getting super popular. That's something you can't control. I think Cael sounds great with your other boys' names.

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    Cael by a million miles. If you would consider Linc instead of Link, then I think it would become a more realistic choice.

    Some other thoughts, in case you're still looking:

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