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    TMI question from first time mom. Advice?

    Sorry if this is TMI but I need to ask other moms and google didnt help me. I am just over 17 weeks and recently went to the hospital for a bright red bleed. They said I have complete placenta previa and put me on bed rest. I have a doctor appointment in a few days but having gotten false info from her three different times (no worries looking for a new doctor...) I dont really trust her to answer this question accuratly. I am just wondering if any other moms have had this issue.

    Recently every time I have to pee I dont get the normal "I gotta go" sensation at all. I just get dull craps right at my pantie line that almost always go away after I go. No more bleeding since the day after the ER but are the cramps when I have to go normal?ops:
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