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    flick Guest
    It was difficult. I have been a name nerd since I was 14 and while I DID have a grip on my "style", my entire list went out the window when I got pregnant and I started from scratch. Remember that you might have an boyfriend or husband who has family names or loves of his own he wants to use, so it's great to have a running list, I wouldn't set anything in stone until your actually there.

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    For us it depends on if it's boy or girl names. Boy names I find easy, I could name a boy in a second, no second thoughts. A girl name on the other hand is sooooo hard. Just too many beautiful names out there!
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    abbiemarie Guest
    All of my life growing up I was dead-set on naming one of my sons Alexander, when my I got married at age twenty-three my husband was totally against the name, it reminded him of someone from his past that he couldn't stand. It wasn't necessarily hard for us to come up with other choices, Brennan Jack is named after his dad (Griffin Jack), their middle name has been in the family for three generations. Our next son, Declan George is named after my father, George William. Naming our daughter was probably the hardest, for every name that I liked he shot down. Finally we settled on Laurel Carys. Now we are expecting twins in February and we're no where close to deciding on names. I think for each baby it's been different.

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    My first, a boy, was easy. I had his name picked out as soon as I learned he was a boy. Very few of our friends or relatives our age had kids yet, so I pretty much had my pick of the names that I wanted. With my first, a boy OR a girl would have been easy to name. (I'm glad I had a boy though, because I really don't care for the girl name that I had chosen anymore!)

    My second, another boy, was slightly more difficult. I found it harder to name him, because I had used my favorite boy name for my first son. He would have been much easier to name had he been a girl, but we did end up coming up with a very nice name for him. (My girl choice ended up becoming very popular a few years later, and then one of my relatives ended up using it, which I was ok with. I didn't want to use it after it became so common. I ended up finding another girl name that I liked even more.)

    My third child, a girl, was the hardest to name by far. Several years had passed between my 2nd son and her. She actually would have been easy to name, if it weren't for my big mouth. I had my girl name picked out for about 6 years, but I stupidly told it to the wrong friend (who also happens to have the same last name as us!). Needless to say, she ended up having a baby before me and giving that name to HER daughter! So when I got pregnant with mine, I was completely stumped. I felt my "perfect" name had been stolen and a lot of other good names had been used by people we knew over the years. We ended up giving her a name that is just one letter off from the "stolen" one because my husband liked it and thought it was a good solution. I feel like I "settled" on her name, because I specifically did not want that name for her - I wanted the "stolen" version. The name we gave her is a nice, pretty, classic name, but just too common for my liking. I'm getting used to it, though.

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    It was hard! I changed my mind about a thousand times. I even had a name chosen out that I thought I loved halfway through my pregnancy to the point where my daughter has some bibs embroidered with the name Leah on it, which is not her name haha. In the end we chose a name that my husband suggested I initially vetoed. I actually was in the midst of telling him what a bad choice that would be, when I realized it was actually perfect! In the end, I think her name, Matilda, suits her perfectly.

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