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    It can be tricky as there are so many choices available! The first thing I would advise is to narrow down your options and form a list of say 7-10 names.

    Try to limit you options to first initials, ending sounds, or any names that connect you and your other half to memorable experiences, personal history or traditions. For more contemporary names, think about a location you like or one which has some significance to you and your partner e.g. Brooklyn (Beckham), Paris (Hilton) etc

    Here are a few other things to consider

    1) Think about all the possible nicknames.
    2) Does the name age well?
    3) Are there many different ways to spell the name?

    I used a few of these suggestions and it helped me and my hubby come up with a name for our second child!

    One final thing, try not to get your relatives involved in the baby naming process unless you have to. Your situation might be different, but for my first child we fell into this trap and it caused a few arguments!

    Hope these tips help you out some day!
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