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Thread: I'm new!

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    I'm new!


    I'm new! My name is Lillian Ackers and my husband, Thomas, and I are expecting our first baby in March. We do not know the gender and are really stuck on name ideas. We have decided that middle name will be Evelyn regardless of gender. Named for my grandfather who died young but was always there for me and my husband's aunt who basically raised him. We have some vague lists of first names we can sort of agree on but with only 3 months left we really need to get a move on in making this decision: so all opinions, thoughts, further suggestions etc. will be very welcome. So, without further ado here are a few we both like the most at the moment.



    Thanks for any help,

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    Hi Lillian, congrats on your pregnancy and welcome to Nameberry! Evelyn Waugh is a wonderful MALE literary namesake (I loved Brideshead Revisited) if you have a son. Here are my thoughts on your name list and other suggestions.


    Judy - Judith Evelyn would be a much better choice. She would have the option of using Judy when she's a girl and reverting back to Judith when she matures.

    Rosa - Doesn't work well with Ackers (back-to-back a's). Rose Ackers sounds like a description (acres of roses ) so that's not good either. Do you like Rosemary, Rosalie or Rosamund as alternatives?

    Annie - Annie Ackers sounds a bit cartoonish to me. What about Anneliese, Annabeth or Annabel?

    Julie - A pretty name but a little too nicknamey.

    Other Female Suggestions - you seem to have an affinity for nicknames as first names. Personally, I think a fuller name with a cute nn would give you more choices.

    Molly Evelyn
    Lucy Evelyn
    Margot Evelyn
    Maisie Evelyn
    Florence Evelyn
    Polly Evelyn
    Trudie Evelyn
    Sadie Evelyn
    Penny Evelyn
    Marnie Evelyn
    Maggie Evelyn
    Gracie Evelyn


    Timothy - An underused Biblical name. Timothy Evelyn has a lot of syllables but Timothy Ackers sounds great. Since Evelyn has special family meaning for you, I'm going to overlook the syllable count.

    Robert - Sounds a bit abrupt and harsh with your surname.

    Edward - This has the same problem as Robert. It sounds choppy with Ackers and Edward Evelyn isn't my fave combo.

    Eric - I don't think the sound of Eric Ackers is the best.

    Other Male Suggestions - you seem to like more traditional names for boys.

    Joseph Evelyn
    Jude Evelyn
    Philip Evelyn
    Theodore Evelyn
    George Evelyn
    Richard Evelyn
    Henry Evelyn
    Lawrence Evelyn
    Charles Evelyn
    All the best,

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    Thankyou so much mischa. I do really like Judith a lot! Our surname is pronounced more like hackers minus the h than acres, but the back to back a thing is a good point. I love the slightly cutsey sound of Annie Ackers but maybe a bit much! I do like Annabel though. As to the boys names, thanks for not shooting down our middle name choice, certain friends were rather unpleasant about it! I really like Phillip and Charles.

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    My favorites are Julie Evelyn and Timothy Evelyn. Instead of Julie, what about the more timeless Julia or the more current Juliet?
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    Judith Evelyn is totally gorgeous! The nn Judy is fine, but Judith is a more elegant choice that she will have in her pocket, and Judith will be far better for diplomas, wedding announcements, etc. Julia (nn Julie) would be my second choice.

    I agree with Mischa's assessment of your boy's names. I vote for Timothy. I have a son named Timothy and am so happy we chose it for his name!
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