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    How hard was it to choose your baby's name?

    I often struggle to decide what my top names are, and although I'm only 16 and children are a long, long way off, I still wonder how difficult or easy it will be to choose a name for a real baby opposed to one that is purely hypothetical. So to those of you who have named a real baby {or babies}, how hard/easy was it?

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    My first, Maximos Alexander, was hard for me but easy for his father. He had mentioned to me at some point when we were dating that if he ever had a son he wanted to name him Maximos. I had a really hard time coming up with boys names that I liked, and still do to this day (he's almost 10!), so I just picked Alexander as a middle name and started calling him "Baby Max" until he was born and I eventually came to love it. My second, Iris Leia Ann, was super-easy. The day I found out I was pregnant my husband was looking over a list of Latin names online and called me and said "How about Iris" and that was it. We paired it with Leia because he is obsessed with Star Wars and I got guilted into later adding my family mn of Ann. My third, Cora Noel, was not quite so easy. I LOVED Pepper for a girl and my husband was dead-set on it but once I got pregnant I just couldn't see myself naming our little girl Pepper. We couldn't agree on anything until one day we were watching Tron and I said "What about Cora" and that was it. We paired it with Noel because Christmas is my favorite time of the year and DH thinks it sounds good with Cora. DH is still set on Pepper if we ever have another girl but I don't know if I can do it.
    Mommy to Maximos Alexander, Iris Leia Ann and Cora Noel

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    The names I loved when I was 16 drastically changed by the time I was 30 and had my first baby. Our daughter was very easy to name. We loved the name Louisa instantly and it met all our criteria -- classic, unusual but recognizable, similar pronunciation in German and English (we're a bilingual family). We picked out her name very early on and never had any doubts about it.

    Our son (due in a couple months) has been an entirely different story. We've been going back and forth for months now, although I think we finally have decided on Frederik. I don't think I'll be ordering anything with monograms or personalization yet though because we're still not 100% sure. Maybe 99%. I think it won't be a final decision until it's on his birth certificate.

    It's interesting for me how different it is this time around compared to the first time.
    mother to Louisa (born 11/22/2010) and Frederik (born 2/19/2013)

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    Since age 7, I always had names picked out for my future son and future daughter. Over the years, the names changed a few times, but I always felt confident in my choices. So, for me, the only hard part in naming actual children was struggling with my husband to find boy names we could agree on. In each case (for our boys), we ended up using names my husband initially suggested. That was so unexpected and ironic to me after I had spent so much time from an early age thinking about and planning 'ideal' names for my future children. However, it all went much more smoothly in naming my daughter. I had fallen in love with her name before I got married and, luckily, my husband was in full agreement with it.
    Mother of three teenagers: (1) Daniel Glen, (2) Timothy Austin, and (3) Rebecca Jane. All middle names honor family, with Jane used three generations in a row. (A second girl would have been Susanna Eve).

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    Jordan Casper- Easy! I've always loved Jordan for a boy & OH loved Casper , win win situation
    Lucie Jess- Me and OH liked Lucy but weren't keen on the spelling, Jessica is my mn so is a variation.
    Emilia Florence- Difficult :-/ We had decided Florence as a mn quite early on in the pregnancy and just simply loved it then... We were stumped for names eventually we had our top 3:
    Lila Florence
    Ameli Florence
    Carmen Florence , we decided on Carmen Florence but when DD2 was born we just knew she had to be an Emilia Her full birth-certificate name is Emilia Florence-Carmen Lois

    Expecting DD3 19-03-12 and are torn between Carys Isobel & Carys Imogen
    Sophie x
    Mum to;
    Jordan Casper, Lucie Jess, Emilia Florence & Nina-Rae Alica Hope x
    Auntie to;
    Daniel, Jacobe, Olivia, Ryaan, Layan, Jemilia, Lenina & Brookelin x

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