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    I read your title and before I realised you had a list of suggestions Maeve popped into my head straight away.
    The other name which would sound great is Isla.

    Sean, Connor, Maura and Maeve. (Eva/ Eve/ Ava are all very popular so this name is a good spin off and has the potential nn Ava)
    Sean, Connor, Maura and Isla.
    Sean, Connor, Maura and Sian.

    I do like Erin and Ashlyn too.

    Elsie or Eliza could work as variants to Elizabeth.

    Sean, Connor, Maura and Elsie.
    Sean, Connor, Maura and Eliza.
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    I personally don't think Maeve is too close to Maura - it's two different pronunciations of the a.

    Other suggestions:
    Sean, Connor, Maura & Alma
    Sean, Connor, Maura & Saoirse (I realize this might be as confusing as Caoimhe, but it's too beautiful not to mention)
    Sean, Connor, Maura & Fiona
    Sean, Connor, Maura & Joanna
    Sean, Connor, Maura & Agnes
    Sean, Connor, Maura & Noirin
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    I like Ashlyn Elizabeth the best! I think that spelling. Not too confusing .

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    Maeve Elizabeth is my favorite and I don't think it's too similar too Maura. I also think that Keeva isn't too out there since Alison Hannigan used it for her daughter

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