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    depends on the day and the book...
    Your name: Esme Mirabel Quimby
    Hubby’s name: Alfie Roman Quimby

    You and Alfie have been married for 5 months. You feel that it is finally the time to start family, but before you bring kids into the world, you need to buy a house. You and your husband decide to settle down in San Fransisco, CA.

    You are glad that you made the move because a few weeks later, you feel sick. You aren’t sure if it is the flu or not so you make an appointment with your doctor. While there, he gives you a pregnancy test and you come back positive! You and your husband are very excited. You have twins, a boy and a girl. You name your new babies Emmett Alfie and Ramona Florence Quimby.

    You and Alfie decide to wait until your oldest are at least 2, but life takes you down an unexpected road. You fall pregnant just after your first babies turn 1. 6 months later, you are put on bed rest. You are having multiples! A month and a half later, you give birth to sextuplets, four boys and two girls. You name them Brady Paxton, Owen James, Carter Anthony, Rhys Darren, Charlotte Ava and Emma Scarlett Quimby.

    A few years later, your oldest are 4 and your multiples are 3. Despite your large family, you decide that it isn’t complete. You know you wont be able to handle more than one child this time, so you decide to adopt, just to make sure. You adopt a girl from Asia. The birth mother lets you pick the first name, but she choose the middle name. Her name is Natalya Paisley Quimby.

    Now everyone is 2 years older. The oldest are 6, the multiples are 5, and your new addition is 2. You are ready for another baby and miss little feet around, but instead you vouch for a puppy. It is a boy and you name him Scout.

    The next year, your sister, Elizabeth Ivy (Libby), who is 16 (your parents were foster parents and they adopted her when you were in college), is pregnant. Everyone including herself, is devastated. She wants you to take in her baby and you agree. One day she asks you to go to her ultrasound with her. You agree and are glad to go. Towards the end of the ultrasound, Libby asks what the gender of her baby is. Her technician said, “Well, the first one is a girl, the second one is also a girl. And surprise! A boy!” Wow! It is triplets? You go home overwhelmed and talk it over with your husband. He says that since you already agreed and you can’t abandon both her and the babies, you adopt them a week after their birth. Your sister chooses the first names and you and your husband choose the middle names. Their names are Aria Evelyn, Zoe Kristen and Luke Aaron.

    Now Emmett and Ramona are 9, Brady, Owen, Carter, Rhys, Charlotte and Emma are 7, Natalya is 4, and Aria, Zoe and Luke are 1. You know that you have a very large family as it is, but you feel that it your family isn’t complete. You need one last baby of your own. Not adopted, not from your family. Your own. You try and try and try. After 3 months, you are finally successful and quite excited when you are sure that is only one. A boy. He weighs 6 lb and 4 oz on Christmas. You name your for sure last baby Nathan Maxwell. However, during delivery, you find that there is a little girl inside there also! You name her Holly Bronwyn.
    Lovely Ladies: Astrid. Eulalia. Florence. Mae. Thisbe.
    Fine Fellows: Atticus. Eliot. Gideon. Tobias. Quincey.

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