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Thread: Name for #3

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    Name for #3

    Maryn Cassidy and Caroline Quinn will have a new sibling in August. If it is a sister we are considering Sadie (I love, hubby thinks it is great for a dog!), Fiona (hubby loves but I am having a hard time with it), Annabelle (but we have a cousin's daughter Anna), or Rory. I would love opinions or new suggestions!

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    Unless you see the cousin quite often I don't think Anna and Annabelle are close enough to cause a problem--especially since Anna is such a common name/prefix/suffix.

    What about a longer name where you could use the nn Sadie? Sarah is the classic core, but names like Sabrina, Sandra, Sandrine, etc. could all use the nn Sadie.

    I personally really love Fiona, but I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea.

    With both of your other girls they end with an -n sound, did you want to continue that? Evelyn, Jillian, Gretchen, Gwendolyn, Jasmine, Rosalind, Shannon, Vivienne, etc. And with a name like Rosalyn/Rosalind you could use the nn Rory!

    So my picks for you would be:
    Sabrina Katherine nn Sadie
    Rosalind Clara nn Rory
    Annabelle Corrine
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    I completely agree on the cousin issue, just have to get hubby to see that. I also love Clara but there is a Claire in the family as well. Shannon may be an option. You are right about the -n endings.

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    I would use Aurora to get to the nn Rory.

    I do think Sadie can stand on its own, but it seems a little cutesy next to your other daughters. I like Sarah with the nn Sadie.
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