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    Christelle - trashy or classy?

    It's a french name but lots of people say that it sounds like a made-up, jazzed-up version of Crystal. If you came across a little girl named Christelle (nicknamed Christy or Chrissy) what would you think? Thanks for the feedback
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    So very trashy.

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    Christelle is better than Crystal. I would pronounce the two slightly different. I prefer Christelle. I wouldn't say trashy like kibby because I don't have that connection with it yet.

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    Nameberry says Christelle is just a variation of Chrystal..
    While it is a name I would never use myself, I don't think it's trashy- but I have never been a fan of word names either. To me it's as bad as Emerald as a name... But some people like that style, I guess

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    I actually prefer Crystal, Emerald, etc. Spelled like the gemstones. I don't like Cristal, as in the champagne, and Christelle seems to lack the quiet beauty of Christine for me and instead is struggling to jazz it up. I don't like Chrystal either, which sounds to me like an attempt to blend a religious reference with the gemstone and does neither any favours.

    I think Christelle is a diminutive of Christine? Christine is a timeless black dress of a name to me, like Catherine or Elizabeth.

    I must admit that I prefer Chantal or Christine to Christelle. And I'm not even terribly fond of Chantal, as there was a big craze for it in my hometown when I was growing up.

    If I wanted to use a more unusual Chris- name for a girl because I wanted something more exotic than Christine, I would be tempted towards either Christabel, Christiana, or Crisanta - Crisanta referencing chrysanthemum flowers.

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