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Thread: Persephone

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    I think there are crazier names nowadays. Persephone is a gorgeous name with a lot of history that would make a girl stand out in a good way. It'll draw attention but that'll be a good thing. Love the name!
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    Persephone is a nice, feminine, elegant name that sounds like a beautiful mix of Penelope and Stephanie. I would much rather see a Persephone then a Catelynne or a Emylie.
    Peri, Poppy, Sef/Seph, Effie, Ani and even Spring work as nicknames for a little girl who might have problems spelling/pronouncing the name.
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    i think it depends on the person, but like ppers said in the future if she thinks its to heavy Seph is a great nn.
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    I honestly think it depends on the person who wears it, and I don't think it's any heavier or unusual than some names I've heard these days. Plus, I think the nickname Persy/Persi/Percy is adorable.
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    No, it's not too much! I'd love To have the name, and I think there's been a lot heavier.
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