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    I took my husband's last name even though I like my maiden name much better. I don't really like how my first name and my husband's last name sound together (both have the same number of syllables and end in "a", so they kind of rhyme). I changed my last name so that I would have the same last name as my kids. I might be a little old fashioned, but I think a common last name symbolizes that the family is united while having different last names creates some symbolic divide. While I totally understand that people with established careers may have an advantage to keeping their maiden names, I don't think that liking your last name better than your husband's is a good enough reason to not change it, if you have children. With that said, perhaps if my husband's last name was Fisher and my first name was Amy, I would consider alternatives such as keeping my maiden name or hyphenating. Also, I suppose if my husband's last name was something awful like Focker (from Meet the Parents), then I would try to talk him into changing his last name so that none of us have to endure the pain of such an awful last name.
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