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Thread: The LAST Name

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    Speaking of common last names, I know a couple where both had the last name Williams, so there was no choice to make when they got married. It would have been kind of amusing if she'd hyphenated anyway, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blade View Post
    Exactly, for me. It wasn't a looming feminist issue, by any means. I already had degrees and professional licenses that would be a hassle (though by no means impossible) to retrofit and just couldn't be bothered. My husband, too, is Arab, and his last name would sound slightly ludicrous on me.

    Of note-- in Arabic culture it's customary for the woman to change not only her surname, but also her middle name. All children, boys and girls, are given their father's first name as their middle (so your name would be Jessica George Taylor, daughter of George Taylor, for example). When you marry, you take your husband's first name as your middle (I.e. you become Jessica Peter Smith, wife of Peter Smith). It's a holdover from the relatively recent days when the Arabic-speaking world did not have inherited surnames, just huge genealogical trees where you were Name son of Name son of infinitum.

    Obviously that was not if interest.

    Honestly, in my circle of friends, I would say perhaps 10-15% changed their names after marriage.
    Oh that's funny! I couldn't imagine having such a varying surname from my ethnicity either.
    And the professional licenses and degree changes would be a hassle to back and change, plus your drivers licsence, passport etc.

    You're absolutely right about the Arab naming, I know a set of 4 surviving quintuplets who are Lebanese, and they all have they're father's name in the middle, Ali. I wasn't aware of the marriage switch though.
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    I changed it. I'm a sucker for that tradition, I guess. That's what all of the women in my family did, and I never really thought to question it. Was a tiny bit mournful of the change, but because I moved my maiden last name into the middle name spot, it didn't feel like that big of a deal. I loved my original middle name and felt twinges of loss, but figured we could always give that name to a daughter.

    I had friends who (jokingly) said that because I took his last name I must be one of those women who "really loves her husband". Obviously, the name change is NOT a litmus test for really loving your spouse.
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    I did. I wanted to have the same last name as my children, for one thing. Also, I feel like when marrying someone you're forming such a bond it's just expected to take your husbands last name.
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    I did take my husband's last name, but it was kind of a tough decision for me. It came down to me wanting to have the same last name as my future children, and not wanting to hyphenate due to terrible initials.

    I am not a fan of patriarchy, but I didn't see much difference in having my father's name vs. my husband's. We thought about taking a new name, but my husband is the last with his name, and I think it's cool that our children will carry it on.

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