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Thread: The LAST Name

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    I took my husbands last name because I was starting a new chapter in my life. Do I still call my self by my last name, yep I love my maiden name and I didn't put in the middle spot because it's long same reason I didn't hyphenate it wayy to long.

    However I will give my maiden name as a middle to at least one of my children (can't do a first, since my maiden name is a last name and my married name is a first name)
    I'm Alix Louise
    Wife to Skyler James since 4/28/12
    Mommy to Daphne Valora since 8/02/13

    When we have another
    Boy : Sebastian, Jasper, Edgar
    Girls: Sonia, Matilda

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    Most of the women I know who kept their maiden names did so because they had established careers. If a doctor has established patients, and a good reputation, for instance, starting over with a new name could cause more trouble than it's worth.

    For me, I think I'd be ok with taking a married name. My last name belongs to my estranged father, with whom I share no biological or emotional ties, whereas a husband would be someone I loved and who I chose to be with. I've considered dropping my last name and going by my first and middle (my middle is my mom's maiden name) but haven't mostly because it's inconvenient and if I later married and changed my name again, it would seem burdensome to have 2 formerly-known-as names.

    I have also joked though that if I was going to marry someone with an unfortunate last name, that I'd offer to let him take mine as a wedding gift. I'm sure there are lovely people with last names like Hoar, Karkas and Raper, but I don't particularly want to be one of them.

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    I will take my SO's ln even though I'll be sad to see my current one go. Its uncommon and still easy to say/spell and my SO's name is extremely common (think Smith/Jones/etc). So my options are to either drop it completely, move it to the middle or make it a second middle. It doesn't sound right as a second middle so that's off. Making it my middle will do nothing but confirm my mom's opinion on the subject but I might do it anyway.

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    I personally never even considered not taking my husbands name and I don't even really like it. I would not want to keep my maiden name. I am out from under my parent's authority and I have placed myself under the love and care of my husband and really want his name. We did use my maiden name as one of my son's middle names since I have not brother's to carry on my father's name. I personally think it is kind of odd not taking your husband's name just because you don't like it but by no means would I ever say it is wrong or a bad thing or criticize someone for that decision. That's just my personal thoughts on it.

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    I'm keeping my last name. His last name is great and all, but I think I'll miss the long conversations about France that come whenever someone asks about my last name. It's a long, elegant French name and I don't think I want to drop that for a relatively common Irish name (not a drop of Irish blood in me either).

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