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  • Mey-Rin

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  • Mei-Rin

    18 50.00%
  • Meirin

    16 44.44%
  • Meyrin

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    Which spelling do you prefer?

    Yea.. me.. again... lol!

    I'm still thinking about 'Rin'. And the more I think about it, I think it's better to put something in front of it as I'm afraid many westerners wouldn't think "girl".

    There is a name I really like - I just don't know the best way to spell it. The options are:


    It's pronounce May Rin. (I don't want "May" as it's the middlename of another family member, who goes by this. We would only call her "rin", but put "Mey" in front to help her out a bit)

    It is NOT a made up name. Just very unique!

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    I'm not a huge fan of any of them, sorry, and would strongly prefer this name without the May in front. It sounds like Myron or Marin County. If you plan to call her Rin, why not name her that? It doesn't sound boyish to me at all. Most people will be more thrown off by an unusual prefix, making life for her more difficult, not easier. Especially with the hyphen. "Meirin", I wouldn't know how to pronounce. "Meyrin" looks trendy. "Mei-Rin" is the cutest, feels like it has an East Asian origin. "Mey" seems unnecessarily convoluted, when May and Mae make more sense in English.

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    I don't like Mae - it looks misspelled to me (I know its not, but I am other nationality than English, so in my eyes it doesn't look right) and May it won't be for reasons stated above.

    I don't see how Mei or Mey can be pronounced as My or Ma. Have to admit... :P

    The name is Asian, so that's probably why it looks Asian

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    Wait Tiggerian... Are you saying Asian as in Mandarin? Because... what is Rin in Asian?

    In Mandarin, there is Mei-Ren... 美人,as in beautiful person... but no Rin. Was this the sound you heard? Ren is pronounced R- e (as in fErvor)-N.

    Is this helping?

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    No - I just wanted a vote on which way to spell it/stylise it is best. lol.

    And it's used in Japan, albeit very rarily. It's also used in Indonesia.

    Mei and Rin are both Japanese names. Meiko means either bright child or a bud, dependent on which source I use. Rin means Dignified.

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