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    Need help finding the best name for my little girl

    Hi Berries! So here is my short list ( some changes) and wanted to see which was your favorite and why. Has to sound nice and compliment big sis's name Violet

    Stella - Short, spunky, old fashioned. Ends in A, great meaning. Sometimes I find it a bit harsh and not as sweet as I would like. Also find the "ST" beginning sound a bit annoying to say at times. Kinda slurs together

    Lucy - nn LuLu. Brand new addition! Fun, sweet, and pretty. ***Does it sound plain or boring as a little sis for Violet?***

    Tessa - nn Tess. Very soft, sweet, and pretty. ***Does this name sound plain, boring, or too modern as a little sis to Violet?***

    Audrey - brand new addition to the list. Sophisticated and Classy but maybe lacks a bit of fun?

    Eloise - vintage and sweet. Nn Elle and LuLu. Adorable, might be a mouthful for me...ideally want an easy to say, 2 syllable name

    Matilda - nn Tilly. Super spunky and charming. Might be a bit clunky

    I love them all but big thing is to find a name that matches violet nicely. I want a lot of spunk and character while still being pretty.

    Thanks so
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    Stella - this name has grown on me lately; pairs nicely with Violet

    Lucy - Very cute; goes very well with Violet

    Tessa - I think this is a decent name, but it feels like the wrong vintage or pairing with Violet to me

    Audrey - Really like Audrey. Not quite as playful and spunky as Violet, Stella and Lucy, but timeless and beautiful.

    Eloise - agree with your characterization: vintage and sweet; also pairs really well with Violet.

    Matilda - I love vintage names but I'm not quite ready to embrace Matilda yet, much as I'd like to do so. Tilly is a cute nn, but Matilda still feels clunky, old and un-beautiful to me. Camille isn't quite like your other names, but it has a flower connection and I like Milly as a nn.

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    Lucy! I really love it. It's sweet and fun all at the same time. I think it's an adorable match with Violet. My second choice would probably be Eloise for the same reason, sweet and fun!
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    I can't find anything wrong with any of these names. They're all great with Violet, are sweet and spunky. A girl would be happy to have any of these names!
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    Violet is so cute! I would suggest Audrey Stella as her new sister's name. I really like both names, but Audrey has always been a favorite!

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