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    Wow, so many imaginative responses!

    blade -- I'm loving Gwyneira!! I also really like Nephele, Signe, and Illythia. Eirian, Nereida, Chryseis, Loviatar, and Lunete are all beautiful, but I am afraid that Husband will find them too obscure (I fear that with Illythia and Gwyneira as well but I like them so much I'll risk it!). I love Astraea, but I feel like Alice Astraea is very hissy. Melisande is a beautiful name, but I will always associate her with Jacqueline Carey's beautiful but heartless villainess. I'm on the fence about Rhiannon. And while I absolutely love Aravis in the Chronicles of Narnia, her name always makes me think of avarice.

    dannikelli - Illyria is one of my favorite names, and Alice Illyria is very silky feeling. I like! Love the imagery of Ondine, but not the sound. Seraphine/Seraphina is gorgeous and definitely going on my girls' list, but I'm not sure about the flow with Alice, given the two S sounds back to back. Araminta is darling, but I'm not sure Hubs will go for it. Alice Ophelia is another favorite...Ophelia has been in my shortlist for a while!

    mischa - I love that your suggestions are all over the map in style, feel, and sound! Persephone is stunning, but one of my dearest friends has loved it for decades, so I could never steal it. Avalon and Avonlea are GPs for me, as my husband has this thing against place names. Galadriel is another one he would veto, though I can't help but be attracted to the thought...she is so powerful and ethereal, exactly the imagery I go for. Primrose is too cute, but so associated with Hunger Games right now. I am LOVING Lumière, Delphine, Endellion, and Winter. I'm on the fence about Miniver and Mireille. The former I want to like, but it's so close to Minerva, and I feel like that's a heavier name than I want to pair with Alice. The latter I have no idea how to pronounce >_>

    irmgard+theodorian - I love Eirlys, but isn't it too similar to Alice in sound? Ophelia I adore, and Alice Viola sounds lovely

    whirligig - Ivy is my favorite of your suggestions. Alice Ivy is darling, but I think I want something longer.

    Thank you all so much for your feedback! Keep your amazing suggestions coming
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    I like the suggestions of Illyria and Gwyneira!

    My darling Marian Illyria Aphrodite, March 2013 & Little Bunny (a girl!) due 9th of February 2014

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    Alice Elodie
    Alice Reign
    Alice Emira
    Alice Elettra
    Alice Oriel
    Alice Inaya
    Alice Enakai
    Alice Aolani
    The last two are Hawaiian....I'm partial to Hawaiian middle names and the way they flow
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